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School Programs

For decades children have been visiting McAllister. Each year hundreds of kids go through the museum .

We work with the Experimental Aircraft Association’s (EAA) Young Eagles program which gives young people 8 – 17 years of age the experience of basic ground instruction and a free airplane ride. The cost of the fuel, the use of the aircraft, and the piloting are all donated by local, civic-minded, private pilots. The Young Eagles program was originally offered only once a year but, is now offered year round. Participation must start with a personal visit to the museum for sign-up and making necessary arrangements.

We wish to acknowledge and give credit to the volunteers who, in the spirit of community service, make all these activities and resources available.

The education program has been an integral part of the Museum since its beginning on General Aviation Day, August 19, 1999.

A typical program day lasts 2 hours.  It consists of classroom activities that usually last approximately 30 minutes on “How an Airplane Flies”, plus several hands-on activities.  These can include:

  • Touring the exhibits, exploring local aviation history.
  • Controlled walk on the outside ramp area, along with a close up look at aircraft, the fueling station.
  • An explanation of the main features of the airport.
  • Watching airplanes take-off, land, and taxi.
  • A guided tour of the new hangar.
  • Questions, answers and open discussion.